Myshkin, very confused about his feelings, readily admits that

Loving a Shadow: Yevgeny Pavlovitch conjectures that Myshkin was never truly in love with either Aglaia or Nastasya. Myshkin, very confused about his feelings, readily admits that he might be right. Madonna Whore Complex: This mindset causes a great deal of the conflict in the novel, as no one (including Nastasya herself) can understand why Myshkin would care for ‘disreputable’ Nastasya when the ‘pure and perfect’ Aglaia is in love with him. Of Corsets Sexy: The Marquis de Sade’s island. Paper Thin Disguise: Jack is never identified as the Daring Dragoon despite making no attempt to disguise his voice or American accent on an island where he is the only American. And the Dragoon didn’t start appearing until Jack arrived in Pulau Pulau. Shown Their Work: Subtly. A psychologist usually has a different degree than MD, such as a PHD., so they can’t prescribe medication, and works with “lesser” issues such as general unhappiness with yourself, as opposed to full clinical depression. That said, most (if not virtually all) psychologists have at least one psychiatrist they work with for those patients who would benefit from medication.

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