(Much of that money comes from his pick to head the Small

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Wholesale Replica Bags Since becoming President elect, however, Trump actions haven exactly lived up to his rhetoric, especially when it came to stocking his Administration.While his Cabinet level picks have been less traditional a lot more billionaires and retired military officers than usual, for one thing it’s clear that they are much more swampy as a whole than Trump pledged.For one, the nominees are far from inexperienced in the ways of lobbying.Eleven of his 19 Cabinet and Cabinet level appointments announced so far have sat on the boards of corporations or organizations that have lobbied the federal government, spending a total of $497.5 million. (Most of that comes from Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson, who headed ExxonMobil and the American Petroleum Institute and was a member of the Business Roundtable when those groups spent a combined $368.4 million on lobbying.)Nor are they strangers to the world of campaign finance.Many of his appointments have given their own money to Republican candidates over the years, totaling almost $32 million. (Much of that money comes from his pick to head the Small Business Administration, Linda McMahon, who has given more than $20 million, and Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos, who has given more than $7.8 million.)His Cabinet and high level appointments include several friends who helped finance his campaign.Steve Mnuchin, Trump nominee for Treasury Secretary, raised donations for Trump as his campaign national finance chairman, while Reince Priebus, his pick for White House chief of staff, ran the Republican National Committee, which worked closely with Trump campaign to get out the vote during 2016.McMahon gave Trump and his allies more than $6 million Wholesale Replica Bags.