I aware that the disproportionate level of CEO pay is bad for

On its merits that ideas sounds good but its been tried. The most infamous example is Ben Jerry Ice Cream. What you end up with is really bad management that tends to jump ship at the first opportunity or people who couldn get hired. I aware that the disproportionate level of CEO pay is bad for the economy as a whole, but there are other ways to mitigate that than a pay cap. The problem is more an intrinsic issue with how corporations are structured in the US and that has a lot more to do with legal issues that have been established over time. Also the US needs to get away from a consumer driven economy because the long term effect has been for people to become too dependent on credit and a lot of people are buying instead of needed commodities like rent or gas, so when those prices blow out of proportion they leverage personal debt. One of the main issues bankrupting people with our set up is tying health insurance to employment, and unfortunately the Affordable Care Act did nothing to alter that in fact its really made things worse in that regard because its now being used as an excuse to limit how much an employee can earn.

Wholesale Replica Bags Another worthless article and I would even say dangerous pushing for more wars. We know where the funding of such articles can be traced to. The professor has no clue what he is writing about and it is not too difficult to figure out why. What he is overlooking is the position of the US a bankrupt country vs countries with balanced budgets and in case of China with huge surpluses they are no Libya. What the professor is overlooking as well is history. The US supported Communism from day one which destroyed Russia and China, where over 160 million people perished. As a payback for Communism they may just blow the Holy Land tp Kingdom Come to establish finally peace in Middle East. Any suggestion to attack Syria and Iran is a horrible one. It takes 17 seconds for a rocket to land in Israel and when rockets start flying no one will be able to stop the mayhem and we may even get a few our way. I say absolute insanity and death wish, so please stop warmongering. Wholesale Replica Bags

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