Sky and MunchingBrotato’s skins in this particular modded Cops

Louise Jameson, who played the Fourth Doctor’s companion Leela, insisted to the press that she was quitting the role because she’d felt the character of Leela had been taken as far as she could go, and because she wanted to get back to working in theatre. This was all true, but also was to tactfully avoid mentioning the fact that Tom Baker had been bullying her on set. Almost twenty years later she declined appearing on a Tom Baker interview for This Is Your Life because he’d hurt her deeply enough that she didn’t feel comfortable exchanging harmless Witty Banter with him as if nothing had happened. He did eventually apologise to her and the two have since made up and apparently adore each other. In a DWM feature in the November 2014 issue of Doctor Who Magazine she wrote a ‘letter to her past self’ about it and assured the young Louise that, as strange as it seems, she loves Tom Baker nowadays, now that he’s ‘mellowed’ and is ‘nothing but generous’. Aw.

Sky: We expect fanfics. We’ll see you on the next boat. “I’m so startled!”). His voice even takes on a Cartman like affect at times, which is most noticeable in mod showcases. Sky gives one to Soul Eater in the Ghostbusters video. Sky and MunchingBrotato’s skins in this particular modded Cops And Robbers episode are based off Attack on Titan, which Sky has admitted to being a fan of. Sidekick: Depending on the point of view, Deadlox can be considered this. Something Completely Different: The “Mine Little Pony” mod showcase was a joint venture, guest starring Deadlox, Kuledud3 and Definitely Accidental, the latter two being bronies. “The Rave Mod” video is also a guest venture, guest starring ipodmail. Also, it shows a multiplayer server featuring the mod. The “Too Much TNT” video was done by HuskyMudkipz because Sky was busy dealing with a family matter. “When Squids Strike”. Sky Does Amnesia. It’s the only Let’s Play on his channel that isn’t related to Minecraftnote He has a separate channel for non Minecraft stuff. The intro for this Halloween edition of Cops and Robbers is from Dartron’s POV, rather than Sky’s. Spiders Are Scary: As shown by the face cam in his playthrough of The Hospital, Sky is apparently terrified of real life spiders. So when he notices one near the computer, he gets up and tries to shoo it away. More like he nearly backpedaled from his setup in a panicked attempt to escape it and then tried to slap it away. He even chants a little rhyme as a ward against it coming back! Spotlight Stealing SQUID: He repeatedly tries to take the focus away from the mod, especiall.

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