Pakistan is not part of the JCPOA

Blood Bath: Blackfire claims bathing in buckets of human blood is the secret to immortality. Break the Badass/Brainwashed: Deacon Blackfire turns Batman by torturing and drugging him. It’s implied this is how he got most of his followers, given how quickly the cult breaks up after he’s dead, and how most former members had no idea what they’d been doing under his command. Pakistan is not part of the JCPOA. But as Iran’s neighbour, it may also have to adjust to the changing situation as Iran and Saudi Arabia, at this critical moment, have yet again started trading barbs with each other. In this context, Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s three day visit to Iran to meet military and civilian leadership was unprecedented. The winner of each episode in the first season was granted the Tabletop Trophy Of Awesome (and a bit of masking tape with their name on it). In the second season, the winner received a Certificate of Awesome. Meanwhile, the defeated licked their wounds on the Loser’s Couch with the aid of some webshow budget beverages..

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