Combat Pragmatist: Chang Ge doesn’t hesitate at using disguises

Used to Be a Sweet Kid: Oni/Deadeye, before Wasabi led her down the dark path. “Wanted!” Poster: The Chooks share one. Their pictures intentionally depict them with unflattering facial expressions. We Used to Be Friends: Chick P and Oni were best friends until Oni became Deadeye. It was revealed in “If Looks Can Kill” that she used her hypnotic powers to get Chick P’s dad to sell his property to Dr. Wasabi. Wrench Wench: Chick P is a janitor and can often be seen carrying a wrench in her civilian life.

Valentin replica Judging from chapter 33, the protective feeling is still there, but he’s understandably a bit conflicted. Blood Brothers: Ashina Sun declares Chang Ge his brother after she proves to be a faithful ally, and vows not to instigate fights with the Han anymore. Combat Pragmatist: Chang Ge doesn’t hesitate at using disguises, tricks and poison to achieve her goals. Valentin replica

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