Downer Ending: Zachry’s tale ends with the extinction of all

With all five of her friends arguing over who gets the ticket, Twilight can’t bring herself to disappoint any of them by choosing one as her guest. Unable to think straight on an empty stomach, Twilight’s efforts to get lunch are further interrupted by her friends trying to butter her up for the ticket: Rainbow Dash makes a hole in a rain storm so Twilight doesn’t get rained on, Rarity offers to give Twilight a makeover, Applejack plies Twilight with home baked goods (which Twilight, even as hungry as she is, finds herself unable to accept in good conscience), Fluttershy and her animal friends straighten up the library and Pinkie throws a party in Twilight’s honor. When word gets out that Twilight has an extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala, Hilarity Ensues (as does a big chase scene) with Twilight forced to flee from a mob of ponies trying to bribe her into taking them along.

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