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The only significant difference is the pace; the American version features more atmosphere shots, and stretches scenes out more than the original did, and adds a single action scene. Shotgun Wedding: Most likely the main reason Rachel and Stephan get married. They get divorced sometime before the 1997 scenes. Take That, Critics!: Each of the novel’s eighteen books has an introductory essay unrelated to the story. Two of them address how awful critics are. Twist Ending: Lampshadedly from tragedy to happy end for Jones, and the identity of Jones’s mother.. Share this PostIt is not a matter of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and his GOP colleagues providing the push to sink health care. The Senate health care bill will fail to get a majority in the House of Representatives because the American people have stated through words and actions that they do not want this bill. Indeed, 73 percent in a recent poll said that Congress should drop the bill entirely or to begin again in a bipartisan fashion..

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