Big Guy Rodeo: RoboCop jumps on and rides RoboCain like this

Big Bad: Cain. Big Guy Rodeo: RoboCop jumps on and rides RoboCain like this in order to rip out his brain and spine while the criminal turned cybercop is distracted with his Nuke high. Bilingual Bonus: The slave woman hiding in the limo after Murphy busts the drug lab, begs Caine to take her with him so that she won’t be arrested. It doesn’t work. Biting the Hand Humor: After being reprogrammed by Faxx, one of RoboCop’s new directives is to “avoid Orion meetings.” Bloodier and Gorier: And given the first movie, that’s a real achievement! Blunt Metaphors Trauma: Robocop stops some kids from playing with an open fire hydrant. He attempts to dispatch some old adages of homespun wisdom, but botches several of the sayings. It’s worth noting that he’s been reprogrammed with so many conflicting directives that he can barely think straight. Body Horror: The failed attempts to build a New and Improved RoboCop 2 always end with the projects turning on themselves. RoboCop ends up in a pile of pieces after his first, failed attempt to get Cain. Cain, reduced to a brain, spinal column and two floating eyeballs, forced to silently watch as the doctors casually chat over his disembodied, empty head with its slack face contorted in a rictus of horror. If he wasn’t already insane, that would have done it. Bomb Whistle: Accompanies RoboCain and RoboCop when they fall from the OCP building. Bottomless Magazines: Bizarrely averted in one scene, considering the film plays it terribly straight otherwise. When Hob first tries to use his fold out machine gun on Lewis, she knocks him back and he squeezes the trigger. In less than two seconds, empty clip. Doubly bizarre because Hob manages at least ten seconds of sustained automatic fire with the same gun during the raid later. Played completely and frighteningly straight when RoboCain disables the crutch on his minigun arm and destroys it. He mows down several innocent reporters, police officers, and blows up many a truck and car without having to reload. Brain in a Jar: Cain, at least temporarily, while they’re preparing his robot body. He still has his Eyes attached to his brain, allowing him to see his own face that’s been cut off of his body, with the surgeon casually holding it like a coffee cup. Call Back: The gang taking RoboCop apart is reminiscent of Murphy’s death in the original film. Car Fu: Lois hits RoboCaine with an light armored vehicle to stop his rampage. It doesn’t work. Chemical Messiah: Mostly edited out of the final cut, but Cain is a cult leader and drug dealer who thinks “Nuke” is the key to higher consciousness.

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