Egomaniac Hunter: The killer

After Logan pretends to be a superior officer and yells at two Alliance mooks to infiltrate the HQ, Sh’lainn says: “Gives me tingles”. This includes several of his fingers being dissolved. Cute Bruiser: Jo. The king of Bablyon undergoes a milder one, assuaged by assurances that Nantucket’s advances were only possible with thousands of years more time than the Babylonians had had to work with, and the foundation that Babylon itself helped to build.

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Hillbilly Moonshiner: Rambo comes across a father and son duo in the woods, and guesses correctly that they have a still hidden in the area. Don tends to focus his fire on one enemy at a time, while Ahim often fires in different directions; the first episode’s battle is a great example of Replica Valentino Handbags this, with her pulling a rad spin while firing.

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