Maybe she heard us, and she was petrified, and she just fell

Tribes and Traitors

cheap authentic jordans free shipping This is HIDDEN BRAIN. I’m Shankar Vedantam. Around the world, parents, schools and religious leaders talk about the importance of empathy. We tell our children that seeing things from another child’s point of view is cheap jordans online a sign of wisdom. Today, we bring you two stories of empathy. What makes these stories unusual is that this is not the ordinary kind of empathy we display toward friends. This empathy is much harder. cheap air jordan It’s about putting yourself in the shoes of your enemies. cheap authentic jordans free shipping

real cheap jordans websites AVNER GVARYAHU: I think that the two big cheap jordans for sale elements that are lacking from the discourse on both sides is, one, a massive lack of hope and, two, this unbelievable lack of empathy. real cheap jordans websites

VEDANTAM: There’s a reason we don’t see a lot of this kind of empathy in the world. It’s hard, sure. But also one of the most enduring psychological drives in human nature is to be part of a cheap jordans from china tribe. When someone in our tribe starts seeing things from the point of view of another tribe, we have a name cheap adidas for people like that, traitors.

MOHAMMED DAJANI: What was most helpful for me, most painful was nobody stood by me.

jordan 12 cheap real VEDANTAM: Hard though it is, this kind of empathy accomplishes remarkable things. For one thing, when an enemy sees things from cheap nike shoes your point of view, she stops being your enemy. This kind of empathy can melt hearts, bring down walls. And that’s what makes it dangerous. jordan 12 cheap real

cheap jordans china wholesale AARON DAVIDMAN: And I’m staring at this wall out the window of the bus at the Kalandia checkpoint, and 6 million ghosts chase me as we drive through. cheap air force And I wonder if they will ever rest. cheap jordans china wholesale

GVARYAHU: So my name is Avner Gvaryahu. I’m 31 actually today.

cheap jordans youth size VEDANTAM: Growing up, Avner Gvaryahu was a model Israeli patriot. cheap jordans youth size

cheap jordan 4s GVARYAHU: I grew up in a religious family, what we call religious nationalist family. And I went to a religious high school, what we call in Hebrew reyeshiva (ph). I joined the Army when I was 19 after doing a year of community service, and I served for three years as a paratrooper in the special ops unit. cheap jordan 4s

VEDANTAM: Being a soldier came naturally to Avner.

cheap jordans paypal accepted GVARYAHU: In my society, in my community and in my family as well, you know, this was something that was discussed cheap Air max shoes often. I’m named after a soldier who was killed in 1973 in the Yom Kippur War. My dad himself was a paratrooper. My older brother was a combat soldier. The people around me, my mentors, my teachers, my counselors and my youth movement were all, of course, in the military. So I was really waiting for my chance to go and protect my country and serve. That was sort of something that I always knew I would do, and I wanted to be, you know, the best I could be at that. cheap jordans paypal accepted

cheap jordans 2015 VEDANTAM: But early in his military service, Avner started to see things that challenged his worldview. He was often asked to pull a maneuver known as a straw widow. This involved entering a Palestinian home to use the windows on the cheap jordan sneakers upper floors to cover other Israeli soldiers carrying out operations on the street. cheap jordans 2015

GVARYAHU: So I found myself in numerous cases throughout my service invading people’s homes in the middle of the night most of the time after we knew that the people inside these homes were innocent because you do not want to enter someone’s house if you know that he’s involved in some terrorist organization. So what we actually did is you find a house on a map, you choose the house because it’s situated in the right place, because it’s elevated enough, because it has the right sized windows, and you enter this house in the middle of the night.

cheap jordans for sale online free shipping Now this house from that moment on belongs to the soldiers, right? If the family wants to use the bathroom or the kitchen, in many cases, they need permission cheap jordans free shipping from the soldiers. Of course, the family can’t leave their house. And this dynamic between soldiers and Palestinians was something that I was part of for many, many nights. And I think that that’s where I really learned for the first time, first of all a little bit about the Palestinians because I was never in a Palestinian home before I started my service. I had no real contact with Palestinians before I started my service. cheap jordans for sale online free shipping

where can i cheap jordan sneakers find cheap jordans But also I learned about the power dynamic that I was part of. Just the fact that I was born sort of in the right side of the green line, just the fact that I was born to an Israeli Jewish family gave me the power to walk in with a helmet, with a gun, with my uniform, and I was in control of an entire family. where can i find cheap jordans

cheap jordans australia VEDANTAM: One night in particular stands out in his memory. cheap jordans australia

GVARYAHU: We were supposed to take over a house, and we were walking through sort of the open space around the house. We made maybe too much noise, or maybe we stepped on a branch, and we started hearing screaming from inside the Palestinian home. So me and the officer who were leading our soldiers went up to the window where we hear the screams because, you know, we could be detected, and that’s not something we want. And we break the glass of this house, and we peer in with our rifles. We had flashlights on the barrels.

cheap kicks And we see on the floor of this house an older lady, an elderly lady, helpless. And she was on the floor. I don’t know what exactly happened. Maybe she heard us, and she was petrified, and she just fell off her bed. I remember looking to the other side of the room, and I could see at the end of the corridor some people or voices, cheap jordans sale and it was her family who were petrified to come and help her. cheap kicks

And I remember standing there and telling myself, this is not what I thought I would be doing. This is definitely not promoting the security of my country or the security of my family. And I started thinking, what about the family of this old lady? I mean, what do they think about me now?

where to get real jordans online for cheap VEDANTAM: Moments like this are what prompted Avner to start working with an organization called Breaking the Silence, a group of military veterans who want to talk openly about what they’ve learned. From Avner’s perspective, there is nothing unpatriotic about cheap yeezys Israeli veterans telling their stories, talking about moments they struggle with or Palestinian families they got to know. But others see it differently. Some see it as treason. In one recent video, a group targeting Avner shows a Palestinian attacking an Israeli with a knife. where to get real jordans online for cheap

VEDANTAM: The video then accuses four human rights activists, including Avner, of protecting the terrorist.

cheap jordans 2016 GVARYAHU: They called all four of us foreign agents or the or what they called it were shtulim, which basically mean implanted, meaning my opinions, my thoughts and the actions of myself and my friends are not things we actually Cheap jordans think on own, but we’re actually working for a foreign government. To us it sounds as if they’re blaming us for being spies. cheap jordans 2016

VEDANTAM: As I was listening to Avner, I couldn’t stop thinking about a study I read many years ago. Psychologist Lee Ross ran an experiment at Stanford University. He brought in students from a pro Israeli group and a pro Arab group and had them watch television news clips about the Arab Israeli conflict. He found the pro Israeli students saw lots of anti cheap jordans in china Israel references in the news clips, whereas the pro Arab students saw lots of anti Arab references while looking at the very same news clips.

cheap jordan sneakers for sale When Arabs and Israelis think about their conflict, each group desperately wants observers to know that cheap jordans china they have been wronged. To acknowledge the pain on the other side is to somehow limit this claim. That’s why two groups can look at the same reality and see completely different things. I told Avner his story reminded me of the study. cheap jordan sneakers for sale

As you’re telling me this story, I’m realizing that one of the psychological implications of your work is that, really, when you try and empathize with what the other side is going through, there is something about that action that drives your friends and comrades really angry, that the idea that one of you would empathize with the other side feels like betrayal.

GVARYAHU: Yeah, I think that you’re touching a point which is true and I think is extremely difficult. You know, silence is not an Israeli disease, is not an Israeli epidemic. There is no society, there is no community that does not live with this disease of silence. A big part of what Breaking the Silence is saying is, you know, the fact that we are talking about our actions, of course, it doesn’t mean cheap jordans on sale there’s no responsibility on the Palestinian side. But, you know, when I do think about what can create change and who has the power for change, I can’t ignore the fact that in this specific point, we are the ones with the power.

VEDANTAM: When we come back, a Palestinian professor tries to get his students to empathize with Israelis.

real jordan shoes cheap DAJANI: If you learn about the suffering of the other, would that help in your attitude for reconciliation? real jordan shoes cheap

VEDANTAM: The psychologists Michael Wohl and Nyla Branscombe once asked Jewish volunteers to think about the suffering of Palestinians. The psychologists reminded some of the volunteers about the Holocaust. Compared to others, Jews reminded of their own group suffering showed less compassion toward Palestinian suffering. The same thing happens with other groups.